dotnext streamlines identity and access management to ensure simplicity and security. We excel in crafting and maintaining systems for precise control over information and resource access.

Our strategy guarantees that access is granted only to the right individuals, enhancing processes like self-sign-up and user account management to elevate the customer experience.

At the core of our approach is robust identity management, crucial for providing necessary access while preventing unauthorized entry. Our adoption of the ‘least privilege’ policy effectively reduces risk, granting users only the access they need, with options for temporary expansion. This method secures a straightforward and safe environment, suitable for businesses worldwide

User security solutions that we offer


Identity Governance

Identity Governance gives a clear picture of who has access to what in an organization. It’s all about managing access through set rules and processes. With rules getting stricter and the risks inside companies rising, such systems are now crucial. They help IT departments manage access more easily, work more smoothly, cut down risks, and keep up with regulations.

Federated Identity/ Cloud Identity

Federated Identity Management simplifies logging in for users across various applications with web and federated single sign-on (SSO). It uses browser-based integration and open standards to boost user productivity and experience while cutting down on admin costs. Businesses moving to cloud services can benefit from federated SSO for safe sharing of information across different cloud setups, including private, public, and hybrid. It also offers a strong service for managing identities across Cloud, SaaS, and Web services.

Access Management

Access management solutions ensure secure entry to essential business applications and data. They centralize the process of verifying who you are (authentication) and what you’re allowed to do (authorisation), manage policies, and control access for web resources, systems, and hosted applications. Single Sign-On (SSO) makes logging in smoother for users, lowers the need for help-desk support, and centralizes management of secure login methods and user permissions throughout the company.

Privileged Access Management (PAM)

PAM focuses on securing the accounts with the highest level of access, like administrators or root accounts. These accounts can make significant changes and access all data on a system. Managing and securing these accounts is key to an organisation’s security. They are often seen as the “Keys to the Kingdom,” holding critical access rights. When needed, users can securely check out a privileged account’s username and password from a Password Safe, ensuring controlled access.

Identity Management

Identity Management automates the control of user access across your organization, simplifying the process from when employees join to when they leave. It ensures the right people have the right access to the right resources, streamlining operations while upholding strict security standards and facilitating compliance with detailed audit trails.

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