Chris Owen
Managing Director
Not as famous as the other Chris!! The baby faced assassin of the PAM world (or so he thinks.) We've no idea if it's some kind of webcam filter or just a good skincare routine! Having worked in consulting, technical sales and product management for various well known global identity vendors, the only way forward for him was becoming the HR person, finance person, marketing person and office mascot
In all seriousness, this Chris has been involved in the identity space for around 20 years and has been lucky enough to travel the world, experience different cultures, build global teams, and best of all share his thoughts and knowledge about PAM. Some people say "he's seen more identity programs that he's had hot dinners." He says "Nah, I love hot dinners"
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Chris Martin
Head of Advisory Services
One of the most famous names in the world has joined our organisation!!Unfortunately, Chris Martin is not as famous as the person you are thinking of. Our Chris says he is more famous because he has helped hundreds of customers over the years, had articles published in a few magazines and spoken at quite a few IAM conferences. (Obviously things like Glastonbury and the Super Bowl do not count).
Joking aside, having a famous alter ego has enabled Chris, over the last two decades, to understand and solve complicated Identity related issues (like how you prove who is the real Chris Martin). His artistry lies in being able to solve these with great clarity and communicate without unnecessary technical jargon or BS. Our Chris is available for anything Identity related but not for Karaoke, gigs or festivals
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Dave Owen
Operations Manager
The one who’s not called Chris but just happens to be related to one! Fresh to the IAM and PAM world and putting a different and logical view to all thing’s security. From a background of sales and management this is another stage in a long and varied career. A problem solver at heart, with a head for technology and a body that’s a temple for chocolate and Pepsi Max worship!
You know when, as a small child, you dream of your fantasy jobs? It’s amazing what you can achieve. Having Managed a record company, a TV & HiFi shop, worked in a guitar shop, sold sheepskin rugs, been a roadie and managed a tourist information office and now I get to work in the computer industry and call my son boss, he loves that!
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