Conducting and writing an RFP is a time consuming and challenging business. You have set your requirements internally, now you have to communicate that to the vendors so that you can make the best decision technically and commercially. Having an RFP process that is open, honest and fair can be difficult especially after having spoken to vendors. With the IAM market being so open with so many vendors it can then be very daunting casting an RFP net out far and wide.

Why is a good RFP Process important?

A good RFP will provide you with the best options, technically and commercially. It also acts as a good starting point for conversations with suppliers. Those conversations and the detail they put into a response provides much a softer insight into what it is like to work with those suppliers. Once completed the RFP process will give you full confidence that the best supplier has been chosen.

Our RFP service will help with the following:


The art of the rfp

Requirements Gathering

  • Full understanding of what is important to you
  • Understanding of desired architecture
  • Definition of commercial preferences
  • Defining of business drivers
  • Discussion on delivery processes
  • Define other important criteria (e.g Carbon neutrality, compliance, market references)

Document Production

  • Document technical requirements
  • Document commercial requirements
  • Provide background information
  • Questions on training
  • Questions on professional services

Market Analysis

  • Research on to potential suppliers
  • Recommendation on proposed suppliers
  • Define timescales for responses

Marking and Scoring

  • Marking of individual sections
  • Combine scores with weighting to match preferred criteria
  • Cross reference with commercial offers
  • Clarify responses with vendors

Reference Gathering

  • Seek out references on selected suppliers
  • Background check on suppliers


  • Preferred supplier
  • Contract negotiations
  • Delivery

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