By conducting a thorough IAM assessment, dotnext assists organisations in evaluating their current IAM operation and security state (identifying gaps and potential weaknesses), ascertaining the desired end-state and providing recommendations to fill the gaps and strengthen the organisations posture.


Why is this important?

Unfortunately, times change. Business needs, technology, threats, on-premise/cloud deployments, how and where users work always change. It is easy to lose sight that your IAM solution needs to change also. For example, did you know that most MFA rollouts now will only reach 50% of your user base. Why, well not everyone will go through your Access Management solution or a phone basedauthentication is not suitable.

Our IAM Assessment will evaluate the following:


The Business side

Program Goals

  • Review of initial program strategy
  • GAP Analysis (Do your current goals align to the overall strategy)
  • Architecture Plan

The Tech Side

Identity Governance & Administration

  • Does your IGA solution integration with all of your user input sources?
  • Is provisioning/deprovisioning done in a timely and complete manner?
  • Does it handle access requests?
  • Application onboarding
  • Reporting
  • Identity Attestation

Privileged Access Management

  • Definition of privileged users (its more than just IT admins)
  • Strength of authentication
  • Session Monitoring
  • Granular controls
  • Shared account protection

Multi Factor Authentication

  • Does MFA cover all of your users?
  • Is time between authentication reasonable?
  • Are your factors secure enough?
  • Passwordless implementation
  • Manage high value/risk users
  • Manage high value and sensitive applications/data.

Password Management

  • Password policies
  • Account creation process
  • Self-service password resets
  • Passwordless


Access Management

  • Correct levels of access for users
  • SSO configuration
  • Conditional Access
  • Access Requests

Empower Your Security

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