With the consolidation in the platforms within the IAM market it can be easy to assume that IAM is just a technology solution. The Enteprise wide nature of IAM and flexibility of the tools in supporting so many uses cases would suggest otherwise.

Why is this important?

Often a strategy is forced upon us with compliance, with regulators needing to be assured that you will ensure security and good operating procedures. This process is often considered to be good practice and help companies provide short term strategies. Business changes to a better operating model such as Zero Trust and Cloud Migration will force different ways of thinking.

The biggest reason is often for internal funding for a project. Having a good business case is essential to get senior management buy in. The ROI often given out by vendors is not always realistic and is often rejected by finance teams (e.g £7 per password reset request).

Our business strategy package focusses on the following:

The Business side

Business Case Development

  • Estimate license costs
  • Estimate delivery costs
  • Estimate BAU costs
  • Define internal business case for project funding
  • Return of Value milestones

Compliance Mandates

  • PCI
  • Cyber Essentials
  • NIST
  • SOC 2
  • GDPR
  • ISO 27001

Long Term Strategy

  • 1 year plan
  • 3 year plan
  • Zero Trust
  • Cloud Migration

IAM Policies

  • Password policy
  • Conditional Access Policy
  • Data Retention Policy
  • MFA policy
  • BYOD Policy
  • 3rd Party Supplier Policy

Empower Your Security

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