As an Enterprise-wide solution an IAM architecture, with its many constituent parts, often becomes complicated , not scalable and ultimately ineffective. This is especially when designed or maintained by separate teams or is organically grown as needs force a change. Often the technology is blamed with the temptation to be swap out tools for bright shiny new ones. This rarely solves the underlying problems. Did you know on average an IAM solution will need to support around 450 use cases and around 50 different type of user personas.

Why is this important?

Despite the attempts by many IAM vendors consolidation of complete IAM functionality has not been achieved. Even when it does the IAM solution will still need to integrate  with a considerable number of applications. By having a good architecture will provide a framework that meets requirements, is easy to manage and is scalable as your business changes

Architecture design package comprises the following:


The Business side

User Persona Analysis

Before any IAM project it is essential to understand the different type of users and their user journeys.

  • Are all of the users in a single HR source?
  • Do they leave the company
  • Do they all use corporate devices
  • Office/Remote/Hybrid/Field workforce
  • Employment type (Permanent, Contract, Zero Hours)

Current Architecture 

It is always essential to understand what you have whether good or bad. Often an organisation will have the right tools in place.

Discovery is essential to be able to design changes that are impactful and cost effective without being wasteful or unnecessary.

High Level Design

A high level design is an essential piece of documentation allowing a disparate range of stakeholders to understand conceptually the IAM solution.

Low Level Design

One for the techies. Our designs will make implementation easier by giving precise details. For example

  • List of conditional access policies
  • Groups required in AD/Azure
  • Frequency of MFA authentication

Project Plan

Any architecture may be great on paper, but it is completely useless if it takes years and the budget of a small country to implement.
Our designs come with an estimated project plan to show how soon there can be a potential return of value.

Face to face workshops

So much more information can be shared by working in person. Then its nice to have a beer together.
If you are shy, no problem, we will work around you.

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